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FCA Consumer Duty: What is it and why does it matter

The FCA’s Consumer Duty represents a significant shift in the regulator’s expectations of firms across the distribution chain, including asset managers, platform providers and financial advisers.1 In accordance with the Duty, firms must act to deliver good outcomes and prevent foreseeable harm to vulnerable retail customers, using a data-driven approach to evidence that reasonable efforts have been implemented to [...]

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The True Cost of Messy Client Data

Messy client data is costing investment managers $1 billion each year — and this figure is only rising. Managers are squeezed in a data vice. On one side, data sources and data volumes are exploding, whilst on the demand side, a broader range of data consumers are keen to see improvements to quality, granularity and frequency of analytical outputs. The ‘Excel [...]

Data on demand: The Aiviq Snowflake integration

These days, everyone is talking about Snowflake. Across the many investment managers we speak with, we have seen growing demand for Snowflake integration capabilities, with many Aiviq customers increasingly selecting vendors that offer flexible Snowflake integrations. This demand is not without reason — Snowflake offers a range of deployment options, a flexible and transparent pricing model, relatively low risk for [...]

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TSAM 2022: putting AUM and flow in the spotlight

For the panel, Greg was joined by Dr. Carl Salz, Senior VP of Client Data at PIMCO; Terry Yodaiken, Head of Distribution, Business Support & Governance at First Sentier Investors; and George Bliss, Managing Director, of Business Solutions EMEA Client Group at AllianceBernstein. https://youtu.be/imhfcl-LX3g During the session, the panelists discussed the definition of client AUM and flow — looking [...]

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TSAM 2022: Key Takeaways

It was great to be at The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) this year, which was hosted in London on 16 June. The annual event brought together leading asset management firms to discuss the latest challenges facing the industry, as well as the evolving technological and regulatory landscape. https://youtu.be/--RAI63TvSg Aiviq team leaders Alex Murphy, Head of Operations, and Kevin Phelan, [...]

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The Challenges of Client Revenue

Client and sales assets under management (AUM) and flows can throw up dozens of false positives and negatives as indicators of business performance. So, why are so many sales managers still relying on these metrics? Effecting a shift to calculating and publishing client revenue metrics on a production basis is complex and difficult to achieve. Below, we have explored five [...]

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