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Aiviq is growing by recruiting and hiring the very best talent in the market — leaders, innovators and those who have the desire to solve our customers’ problems and fuel our growth.

Life at Aiviq

To clients, we are a trusted partner for solving data challenges and crafting industry-leading solutions that improve efficiency and decision-making. But to our employees, we are so much more…

Aiviq is an exciting and rewarding place to work — passionate about innovation, openness and collaboration. Customer-centric to the core, we encourage creative thinking from all parts of the organisation to form a flat, inclusive culture. We are proud to say our team is one of our key differentiators, and we work hard to keep it that way.

As an analyst within the Professional Services Team at Aiviq, I’ve had the pleasure of getting involved with a wide breadth of projects; through support our clients through implementations, actively managing prospecting events and getting involved with internal change projects.

Kicking off my career with Aiviq couldn’t have been a better start to my professional life, I have the privilege of working with a diverse range of seasoned professionals across financial services and technology; all within a supportive environment and forward-looking company. I’m certainly excited about my future with Aiviq!

Will Parish , Analyst

Growth opportunities, healthy culture and flexibility are key pillars that contribute to my happiness at work, and Aiviq has it all!

Dealing with your daily tasks is something that comes with all jobs but allowing time to employees so they can develop personally is something that not all companies can offer.

As Martin Luther King once said: “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”. Aiviq really puts a high price on employee happiness and that, to me personally, is the most valuable aspect of being part of Aiviq.

Tijana Dimitrijevic, Analyst

Our vision is that our customers will be our biggest champions. We aim to keep our products available and functioning flawlessly 24/7.

The work is varied: we monitor data quality, respond to queries, and test new code releases before they’re deployed to production.

The best thing about Aiviq is the great team of people across the organisation. Our customers are a pretty good bunch too!

Adrian Ryan , Head of Customer Services

I work within the Cloud Team at Aiviq alongside a talented team who strive to ensure our cloud-based solutions are at the forefront of the Industry.

The Aiviq culture is great, very passionate about innovation and forging a presence in the market. My team is no exception to that rule, people around me from all areas are always hungry for new technologies, and Aiviq continuously fuels this passion with opportunities to learn & develop.

Murali Talluri , Cloud Architect

Current opportunities

Quality Assurance Engineer

We’re looking for innovative, open-minded Quality Assurance Engineers to join our growing team as we continue to scale our products – helping to drive quality delivery, share new ideas, all within a culture of continuous improvement.

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