2022 Wrapped

With 2022 now behind us as we start the New Year, we look back to our company-wide milestones and celebrate our team for multiple achievements across the business. As a cloud-based fintech company, we see the opportunity to generate an impact across our industry by offering solutions to help our customers better understand their data and consequently better serve their [...]

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Thought Leadership Series: An interview with Aiviq CEO Lee Griggs.

As the year ends, we speak about how Aiviq is helping asset managers to understand data, the journey the company has been on so far and how we make our vision of becoming a leading client data integration and analytics provider for asset managers a reality. By Marie Weidlich With a clear vision for growth and a stellar [...]

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The True Cost of Messy Client Data

Messy client data is costing investment managers $1 billion each year — and this figure is only rising. Managers are squeezed in a data vice. On one side, data sources and data volumes are exploding, whilst on the demand side, a broader range of data consumers are keen to see improvements to quality, granularity and frequency of analytical outputs. The ‘Excel [...]

Data on demand: The Aiviq Snowflake integration

These days, everyone is talking about Snowflake. Across the many investment managers we speak with, we have seen growing demand for Snowflake integration capabilities, with many Aiviq customers increasingly selecting vendors that offer flexible Snowflake integrations. This demand is not without reason — Snowflake offers a range of deployment options, a flexible and transparent pricing model, relatively low risk for [...]

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ISO 27001: the new standard for hosting sensitive client data

As more asset managers invest in cloud-based data and analytics solutions to understand and serve their investors, information security certifications are becoming a primary consideration in the procurement process.

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Through the looking glass

The existential question facing the buy-side is how to grow assets and service clients at lower cost. This drive for operational efficiency is dependent on a capability to collate accurate data about investors and decision makers, including their influence over the flow of money into their investment products. Industry leaders are investing in the capability to ‘look through’ omnibus accounts and fund distributors to create differentiated client experiences. Meanwhile, laggards are struggling with a partial view of sales performance and client engagement.

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The Challenges of Client Revenue

Client and sales assets under management (AUM) and flows can throw up dozens of false positives and negatives as indicators of business performance. So, why are so many sales managers still relying on these metrics? Effecting a shift to calculating and publishing client revenue metrics on a production basis is complex and difficult to achieve. Below, we have explored five [...]

Hedge Funds Shift to Digital

The COVID-19-induced lockdown has been the catalyst for an unprecedented spike in the adoption of digital channels by investors, including fund subscription solutions and the use of investor portals. It is both a watershed in investor behaviour and is good for business. Investors will not go back to paper. Hedge funds seeking 'Operational Alpha' will ride this wave to higher [...]

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Mastering Client ‘AUM, Flow and Revenue’ Data

A data transformation is underway in the investment management sector. Leading managers believe that master data management (MDM) capabilities — including shared ontology, semantics, governance and stewardship processes — enable cross-team data sharing, allowing them to outperform competitors that have failed to invest. Of all the data domains, client Assets under Management (AUM), flow and revenue data is arguably the [...]

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Prioritising Strategic Scale Over Cost Reduction

Asset managers (AMs) are seeing their revenues tighten due to competition, market volatility, regulation and client demands — all of which erode margins. To grow and achieve scale, many now focus on maximising their unique selling point and leveraging the value it brings to clients. Cost is often a secondary consideration outside of finance departments, although this is likely to [...]

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