A New Emphasis on Fund and Client Profitability in Investment Management

In a new era of tightening operating margins, investment firms are doubling down on financial discipline and strategic forecasting of business growth.

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Redefining Global Account Mastering & Client Matching

Showcasing Aiviq's latest product innovation and live customer Q&A with AllianceBernstein

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The webinar, moderated by Luke Tones, Head of Product at Aiviq, included the following agenda

Live Customer Interview with George Bliss and Rosa Schamoti at Alliance Bernstein
Live Demo of Aiviq’s latest “Polaris” release, focusing on latest client data features
Participant Q&A and wrap up discussing emerging requirements and Aiviq roadmap
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Aiviq Insights

As an innovative product company that is part of a wider family of boutique consultancies focused exclusively on asset management, Aiviq has a unique perspective on market trends and industry innovation