Sep 29, 2023

AI In Asset Management: Aiviq Roundtable Wrap-up

Marie Weidlich
Marketing Manager
AI In Asset Management: Aiviq Roundtable Wrap-up

The roundtable featured remarkable insights from seasoned business and technology leaders, sharing their real-world experiences, early success stories and live projects as they integrate AI within their organisations.

Headline speakers, Jeremy Hunt, Head of Client Insights Units, Schroders and Jet Lali, Chief Digital Officer, State Street Global Advisors generously shared use cases and case studies as early sales and marketing analytics pioneers in their organisations.

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Aiviq roundtable keynote speaker: Jeremy Hunt, Head of Client Insights Unit, Schroders.

Jeremy emphasised the transformative potential of ChatGPT and large language models, whilst stressing the significance of establishing a solid core of data for accurate decision-making. One example related to the real-time transcription and structuring of meeting note data for client sentiment analysis and to feed existing propensity and prediction models.

“The value of external data increases exponentially when it is connected with accurate internal datasets.” Jeremy Hunt, Head of Client Insights Unit, Schroders

Jet captivated the audience by walking through State Street’s success in leveraging advanced statistical analysis and data science to build self-adjusting AI models that shattered conventional sales and marketing assumptions. In an example related to an ETF fund range, these models successfully attributed $2bn of inflows to recent digital marketing engagement from institutional investors where there was no prior sales relationship.

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Aiviq Roundtable Thought Leaders from the asset management industry.

Greg Glass, Exec Director & Head of Revenue, Aiviq, underlined the importance of bridging the theory-practice gap, reminding the audience that “the devil lies in the details.” This resonated with attendees, emphasising the need for meticulous execution when implementing AI in a secure and responsible way.

Throughout the event, speakers stressed the symbiotic relationship between business sponsorship, user adoption and data accuracy in driving successful AI implementations.

Andy Uttley, Co-Head of Business Data Analytics Tools, Capital Group, highlighted the application of generative AI in a range of use cases including RFP responses, content searching and report building. Andy noted that “Capital Group recognises the potential of AI to improve efficiency and enhance decision-making processes”.

Molly Petken, Director of Digital Business and Innovation, Fidelity, spoke about the mandatory nature of AI adoption, revealing the impact of AI-powered chatbots within the sales experience, leveraging firm-wide data.

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Left to right:Pavan Cherlapelly Head of Technology Aiviq,

Additionally, Luke Tones, Head of Product Aiviq and Pavan Cherlapelly Head of Technology Aiviq, showcased a ‘Capability Demo’ on how Aiviq is empowering business users to ask better questions from their data faster. Aiviq shared AI architecture design considerations relating to security, scalability and user experience as well as AI use cases we see teams prioritising.

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Aiviq identified use cases for AI-driven sales and marketing enablement

This enlightening roundtable event provided a glimpse into the future of AI-driven distribution and is already seeing teams rethink their strategies and operating models and project prioritisations to generate meaningful business outcomes.

As the asset management industry continues to be revolutionised by AI, the path to success lies in embracing its potential and confronting integration challenges collaboratively.

Thank you to all the brilliant thought leaders who have come together to collaborate on our roundtable discussion: Jet Lali, Jeremy Hunt, Elizabeth Sheldon, Olof Omling, Andy Uttley, Janet Heggie, Molly Petken, Rick Andrews, Geoff Larkin

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