Sep 29, 2023

Aiviq: The New Best Era of ADS

Lee Griggs
Aiviq CEO
Aiviq: The New Best Era of ADS

Many investment managers will be familiar with the Alpha brand. As one of the leading global consulting companies for asset management, wealth management, and insurance industries, Alpha has established a worldwide presence — operating in fifteen major financial centres.

As part of Alpha, Alpha Data Solutions is firmly established in the industry as the data experts — with a wide range of managed services and dedicated implementation, product, and support teams. But it is now time for the next step in our journey.

Security and reliability meet innovation

For every ambitious business, there comes a time when they have to step away from their parent company brand and branch out with a clearly defined brand of their own.

Alpha Data Solutions has reached this crucial point in our growth plans, which is why we have made the move from ‘ADS’ to ‘Aiviq’ — giving us the freedom to expand and evolve as a business and cater more specifically to our client’s needs.

Integration Hub

Aiviq is a data-driven fintech platform with industry-leading domain expertise at its core. We are progressive market leaders who offer innovative data services with all the security and reliability you would expect from a global company.

We turn disparate client investment information into enterprise-wide datasets that help you define winning market strategies, grow your businesses profitably and gain an edge over the competition. This new brand gives us more autonomy to be truly innovative and helps the industry change the way it thinks about clients, sales, and products. It offers us the space to customise our offering and find new ways to use proven products.

And crucially, it allows us to specialise in what we do best: creating clarity for the world’s investment managers.

Keen to find out how the Aiviq data platform can support you? Speak to our team today.

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