Sep 29, 2023

Data On Demand: The Aiviq Snowflake Integration

Luke Tones
Data On Demand: The Aiviq Snowflake Integration

These days, everyone is talking about Snowflake. Across the many investment managers we speak with, we have seen growing demand for Snowflake integration capabilities, with many Aiviq customers increasingly selecting vendors that offer flexible Snowflake integrations.

This demand is not without reason — Snowflake offers a range of deployment options, a flexible and transparent pricing model, relatively low risk for IT delivery teams, and third-party data integrations available from the Snowflake Marketplace. The fact that Snowflake is cloud-agnostic also helps to transition managers moving between or working across different Cloud Data Providers (CDPs), such as Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.

But what are the benefits of consuming Aiviq insights via Snowflake (and vice versa — supplying Aiviq directly from Snowflake)?

Why Aiviq?

Luke Tones, Head of Product at Aiviq, said: ‘We wanted a turnkey solution to help our managers adopt and integrate Aiviq client insights — with the ability to connect to our datasets on demand in Snowflake, we can reduce end-to-end implementation timespans by up to 50% and unlock the benefits of increased client transparency quickly for Aiviq customers. Snowflake means Aiviq customers have many more options and can easily layer their own or our business intelligence layers without needing to spin up large internal projects.

Via Snowflake, Aiviq can consume a vast range of golden source reference data, including client organisations, sales teams, investment vehicles, and agreement terms, as well as flows and holdings directly.

Aiviq’s Snowflake integration is designed and built to enterprise-grade security standards, enabling authentication, permissioning and data transfer in line with any pre-approved information security standards your organisation has already implemented for Snowflake.

When it comes to consuming our data, Aiviq customers can access native Snowflake data querying, report building and dashboarding functionality, overlay third-party BI and advanced analytics tooling or simply push and pull Aiviq datasets as and when needed.

What are the integration benefits?

In short, the launch of our Aiviq Snowflake integration offers a quick and cost-effective option for consuming our datasets on-demand — avoiding downstream development effort, data duplication costs, and protracted information security or solution design onboarding processes to deliver business value quickly

Snowflake is one of a growing number of ‘spokes’ from our Integration Hub as we look to help our investment managers democratise and scale their use of AUM, flow, and revenue analytics across their businesses.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more or book a demo.

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