Nov 17, 2023

Exploring Data Engineering And Cloud Architecture With Aiviq's Pavan Cherlapelly

Marie Weidlich
Marketing Manager
Exploring Data Engineering And Cloud Architecture With Aiviq's Pavan Cherlapelly

Ready to dive into the world of technology and data solutions? Join us for an exclusive interview with Pavan Cherlapelly, the brilliant mind behind Aiviq’s technology roadmap.

With an impressive track record building multi-disciplinary technology team across Financial Services, Pavan has gained invaluable experience in almost all cloud technology and data engineering domains.

In this thought-provoking interview, we’ll explore his learning deploying cloud-native technologies at scale in asset management, the vision behind Aiviq’s technical roadmap and Pavan’s insights on emerging tech driving industry innovation.

by Marie Weidlich

Marie: First off, let’s get to know Pavan a little better. Could you share a bit about your profession journey? We’re eager to hear about the experiences that have shaped your career and how you have kept pace with such relentless technological change.

Pavan: After obtaining a master’s in computer science, my passion for technology led me to a career in the technology sector. Starting as a programmer, I quickly advanced to designing and managing large-scale software solutions for the banking and financial sectors, refining both my technical and leadership skills.

Driven by the unique challenges of the banking and financial industry, I entered asset management, where I found a dynamic and impactful space to make a difference.

Today, as the Head of Technology at Aiviq, I lead a team in developing cutting-edge technology solutions for our clients in the asset management industry, focusing on cloud technology, scalability, security, and AI. The journey has been challenging, rewarding, and educational, shaping me into a professional who embraces technology’s transformative power and the pursuit of innovation.

Marie: In your opinion, which technology transformation projects should boutique and large asset managers prioritise to effectively organise their data? We’d love to hear your expert perspective.

Pavan: We believe effective data management is crucial for asset managers’ success. To enhance data organisation and gain valuable insights, managers should focus on:

1.    Unified Data Platform: Consolidate and integrate data to break silos, streamline access, and ensure a ‘single source of truth’ for consistent and accurate decision-making.

2.    Cloud Migration: Transition to cloud-based storage for scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in managing larger volumes of data securely.

3.    Data Governance and Security: Implement comprehensive frameworks for data quality, privacy, security, and regulatory compliance.

4.    Advanced Analytics: Utilise AI and advanced analytics to transform raw data into actionable insights, employing predictive analytics, machine learning, and data visualisation for risk assessment and decision-making.

5.    Task Automation: Automate routine data collection, entry, and basic analysis to boost operational efficiency and allocate resources to strategic tasks.

Aiviq Head of Technology on Foster a data-driven technology to inform decisions.

Marie: One of Aiviq’s standout solutions is the Integration Hub, connecting market data sources to provide unparalleled data clarity on global client flows. We’re fascinated by the architecture behind the proposition and the functional capabilities it enables.

Pavan: Aiviq’s Integration Hub is a powerful and scalable platform designed to seamlessly connect with over 250 data sources. Its standout feature is the spoke mechanism, enabling secure integration with clients’ infrastructure, including popular cloud providers like Snowflake, AWS, Azure and Salesforce.

With its advanced architecture, the Integration Hub effectively handles increasing data volumes while maintaining optimal performance. It is flexible and customizable to meet individual client needs and align with their unique infrastructure.

Security is a top priority, with advanced protocols, strict access controls, and regular audits ensuring data protection. The Hub excels in real-time data processing, providing clients with instant insights into global client flows.

Overall, the Integration Hub embodies Aiviq’s commitment to leveraging innovative technology for data clarity. It offers scalability, security, and customization, serving as a crucial tool in navigating the complex data landscape of the asset management industry.

Marie: Now, let’s talk about the challenges that asset managers face when it comes to data. From your viewpoint, what are the top three challenges holding technical teams back from delivering business value to business sponsors? How do we address these within Aiviq?

Pavan: We harness the transformative potential of cloud technology to overcome data challenges in asset management. Our cloud-based Integration Hub breaks down data silos, consolidating disparate sources into a unified platform. This scalable and flexible solution ensures uninterrupted access to critical data while prioritizing security and compliance. Our cloud-native systems leverage the power of cloud computing, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure to enhance operational efficiency and strategic capabilities. Ultimately, we empower asset managers to make informed decisions, driving growth in the industry.

Marie: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly influential across various industries. How do you envision AI technologies changing the asset management landscape? We’d love to hear your thoughts on how companies are implementing AI to tackle data challenges in the asset management space. Feel free to delve into the exciting experiments we’re conducting in-house and our roundtable discussions on the topic:

Pavan: AI can be a powerful catalyst for transformation in asset management. It has the potential to improve decision-making, automate operations, enhance risk management, and enable personalized user experiences at scale.

At Aiviq, we leverage AI to process data, analyse data quality trends and have recently developed a natural language solution based on ChatGPT to help non-technical teams gain insights from our global sales data. Our AI initiatives have been met with enthusiasm, highlighting the transformative potential of AI in our field, but we are still early in our journey here.

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