Oct 10, 2023

How Does Aiviq's Company Culture Empower Graduates to Take Ownership and Work Autonomously in Their Early Careers?

Aiviq: A Gateway for Innovation

Marie Weidlich
Marketing Manager
How Does Aiviq's Company Culture Empower Graduates to Take Ownership and Work Autonomously in Their Early Careers?

We all have big dreams. Some of us aspire to work in the city, joining a financial services company to experience the atmosphere of the City of London first-hand. Our graduates shared this dream, and today, their roles are pivotal pieces of a much larger puzzle, contributing to our mission of providing comprehensive data and analytics solutions for asset managers.

Here at Aiviq, our mission is to offer asset managers a best-in-class data and analytics platform that enables them to build a single view of client AUM & Flow. Aiviq connects asset managers with 250+ sources of AUM, Flow and Revenue data across global markets to build foundational datasets that increase net sales, client oversight and automate financial reporting.

We are a rapidly growing cloud-data company based in the city but offering flexible working options. You can help us drive innovation in the financial technology industry.

Aiviq: A Gateway for Innovation

We are far from a conventional graduate program. We meticulously select exceptional, diverse talent and heavily invest in their growth. Our focus isn't solely on soft skills but also on the remarkable real-world contributions our graduates bring to the table.

We believe in recognising potential and entrusting young professionals with meaningful projects, client interactions, and access to data that drives transformation within the financial industry.

Meet The Graduates Who Are Creating Real-World Impact at Aiviq

Mohamed Ahmed, a Senior Analyst at Aiviq, swiftly transitioned into his role as a graduate, making an immediate impact. Despite his short tenure, his insights were not just welcomed but valued, reflecting Aiviq's emphasis on fresh perspectives for innovation.

Mohamed Ahmed Afifi, Senior Analyst, Aiviq.
"Having a degree in Engineering provided me with a strong technical foundation and honed my ability to grasp new concepts, applications, and procedures quickly. This gave me a head start as a graduate, allowing me to adapt rapidly to the work environment and provide tangible benefits to the business and our clients. In our offsite workshops, every voice is not only acknowledged but actively integrated. Our culture of collaboration is the cornerstone of professional development, enabling individuals to refine essential soft skills in a supportive and nurturing environment. This experience greatly improved my communication skills, even as someone who initially faced confidence challenges."

Anita Sztella Dobo, a Product Analyst at Aiviq, discusses her work across the full product lifecycle, from UX and complex feature design to modelling financials for asset management clients and launching an intuitive product wiki. This reflects how Aiviq values the input of every team member.

Anita Sztella Dobo, Product Analyst at Aiviq.
"I have actively engaged in numerous new product initiatives and assumed significant responsibilities early in my career, including the role of SCRUM master for our engineering sprints. This placed me at the forefront of new functionalities for our product suite. The collaborative team spirit, the culture of knowledge sharing, and our rapid pace of operation have all contributed to a highly rewarding professional experience."

Will Parish, a Pre-Sales Consultant at Aiviq, highlights how our culture has evolved to be social and supportive. From regular social events to engaging with senior colleagues, Aiviq fosters an environment that promotes interpersonal connections outside the traditional office setting. These connections provide valuable support and mentorship.

William Parish, Pre-Sales Consultant at Aiviq.
"As a graduate, I had the opportunity not only to break into asset management but also to further develop my knowledge and skills in data analysis, an area of great career potential and personal passion.Currently, I'm working on building Aiviq's new pre-sales business function, which is a big challenge for the next 12 months, but nonetheless an exciting venture!From a cultural perspective, life at Aiviq is vibrant. As a member of Aiviq's socials committee, I can confidently say that we don't merely work together; we celebrate together. Events such as the City vs. Wharf run, Oktoberfest and Aiviq's biannual Table Tennis tournament contribute to a lively social scene within the company, creating an environment for building connections and a platform for discussions away from day-to-day work".

Training and Mentorship

Aiviq is resolute in its commitment to employee growth. Our mentorship program ensures that every team member receives guidance and support from experienced professionals genuinely invested in their success. Weekly manager meetings, one-on-one sessions, and comprehensive year-end reviews are just a few examples of how we invest in our team's development.

Life at Aiviq

At Aiviq, we are more than just a workplace; we are a community of dedicated data specialists who take pride in delivering managed services covering data sourcing, quality control, and reporting that align with our customers' operating models. We act as trusted advisors, equipped to manage the inevitable business and technology challenges our customers face.

Join us on a journey where innovation, collaboration, and excellence come together to redefine the financial data landscape.

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