Sep 11, 2023

How to Master Client AUM And Flow Data

Luke Tones
How to Master Client AUM And Flow Data

On 7 December 2021, the Aiviq team ran a webinar on how to master client assets under management (AUM), flow and revenue data for analytics use cases across an enterprise.

Set up for those who produce or consume AUM, flow, and revenue data, the session ran incredibly successfully and enabled attendees to understand the root causes of data quality issues associated with mastering this kind of accurate enterprise-grade data. Attendees also benefitted from hearing first-hand from industry peers on how they have addressed similar data challenges, as well as seeing how advanced analytics is made possible by an enterprise-grade Client Book of Record (CBOR), eliminating the pain and cost of complex reconciliations of multiple data silos.

A silver-bullet solution

Wrangling ‘messy’ data costs the investment industry $137 million each year in avoidable costs. A significant proportion of this cost is due to different functions across firms curating and patching their own versions of AUM, flow, and revenue data to meet specific use cases. For example, reporting revenue to the market, assessing sales and client performance over time, or monitoring the performance of an acquisition or merger. These different versions of the truth are expensive and complex to reconcile, creating a drag on operational efficiency and clouding the clarity of information available to decision-makers.

Our AIVIQ-hosted webinar explored how a single strategic CBOR dataset can eliminate multi-venue processing and describe AUM, flow, and revenue performance across all markets, all vehicles, and all types of business — including all use cases across all functions in the enterprise.

The Aiviq Enterprise CBOR is the only solution that can describe AUM, flow, and revenue performance for all use cases across every function in the enterprise. This solution supports:

  • Distribution Management
  • Sales attribution and compensation
  • Client queries and reporting
  • Sales forecasting
  • Client Service
  • Client query handling
  • Contractual obligations and tasks
  • Agreement onboarding
  • Sales and Sales Operations
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Account planning
  • Commercial term setting
  • Digital and Marketing
  • RFO responses
  • Marketing ROI
  • Client reporting
  • Technology and Data
  • SaaS integrations (e.g. CRM, CSP)
  • Warehousing
  • Data security
  • Client data governance
  • Investment and Product
  • New product development
  • Analysing investor composition
  • Pricing and profitability modelling
  • Finance and Finance Operations
  • Firmwide AUM, flow & revenue reporting by strategy/business unit/client type
  • Rebate management
  • Forecasting and business planning
  • Expense management
  • Sales compensation
  • ExCo Reporting and Corporate Strategy
  • Pre-M&A targeting
  • Post-M&A integration
  • Identifying operational synergies
  • New market entry
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Investor concentration and redemption risk reporting
  • Client data governance
  • Distributor oversight
  • ManCo reporting

We are committed to supporting you and driving technical innovation from start to finish. Get in touch with our team of experts to find out more about our Enterprise CBOR solution now.

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