May 6, 2024

The Next Frontier of Change Management: How Aiviq Empowers Investment Leaders with Best-In-Class Data Services

In this edition of our Thought Leadership series, we put the spotlight on Alex Murphy, CFA, Head of Operations, Aiviq

Luke Tones
The Next Frontier of Change Management: How Aiviq Empowers Investment Leaders with Best-In-Class Data Services

In this edition of our Thought Leadership series, we put the spotlight on Alex Murphy, CFA, whose leadership as Aiviq's Head of Operations is instrumental in our mission to revolutionise the way investment managers use client data to scale efficiently. With over 15 years of experience driving transformative change, Alex champions our commitment to deliver exemplary customer and professional services that empower firms to seamlessly transition to the cloud.

As a leader in change management, he works together with new and existing customers, guiding them through change management processes to deliver smooth platform implementations, maximise business adoption and proactively meet emerging customer needs.

As Head of Operations overseeing customer services, professional services, and commercial legal, what is your vision for Aiviq's customer experience?

AM: My vision is to ensure that our customers consistently receive high-quality, granular client economic data that integrates seamlessly into their data warehouses and downstream processes promptly and effortlessly. Given the inherent complexities of AUM and flow data sets in the Asset Management industry, which are marked by a lack of standards and high variability, achieving accurate, granular, and complete data delivery is challenging. My goal is to ensure our clients feel fully supported by Aiviq's capable and professional teams, making the process both reliable and efficient after they have signed on to use our solution.

Building a robust customer service function is not easy. Can you share some insights into the challenges your team faced and the strategies you've employed to establish Aiviq's customer-centric culture?

AM: Establishing a robust customer service function began with forming a highly skilled foundational team of Technical Business Analysts, Developers, Data Analysts, and Relationship Managers. This team is central to the support we offer, playing a crucial role in fostering strong client relationships. However, assembling a strong team was just the start; we also invested significantly in tools, automation, and team expansion in tandem with product development to maintain our leadership in customer support in the industry.

Aiviq's platform offers a unique value proposition to asset and wealth managers. From your perspective, what sets Aiviq apart from traditional SaaS providers or in-house technology teams?

AM: Aiviq distinguishes itself by focusing on the quality and depth of our data offerings, underpinned by true asset management domain expertise. We understand the industry's pain points, and our team focusses exclusively on asset management, which is often not the case for our competitors. This is reflected in Aiviq's heritage and ownership - as part of Alpha FMC (the leading provider of consultancy services to the wealth and investment management sector), providing strong corporate backing and unique depth of expertise that we can call upon.

We recognised early on that as data becomes a critical decision-making driver for leading asset managers, it must fully represent the complexities of their operations. This approach has proven successful as the industry now demands more data and and enterprise-quality datasets that can integrate into all facets of their business, including sophisticated client-level analytics, sales performance management and financial planning and analysis.

Can you highlight a project where Aiviq's platform and services truly made a difference for a client, highlighting the tangible benefits and outcomes?

AM: One significant project involved enhancing our client's capability to ingest, process and derive meaningful business insights from across the global markets, including US Retail and Alternatives, addressing the unique challenges posed by the different structures and reliability of data across regions. This project enabled a major global asset manager to achieve a comprehensive global view of AUM, flow, and revenue from a single source, supported by a unified operating model. This development represents a significant advancement for the industry, positioning Aiviq as a pioneer in providing global solutions.

Looking ahead, what's on your roadmap for further enhancing Aiviq's customer experience and continuing to deliver exceptional value to clients?

AM: Our roadmap includes a focus on automating repetitive tasks  as well as integrating and leveraging artificial intelligence in our platform to enable our team to concentrate on delivering greater value to our clients, such as faster outputs and continual quality enhancements. Additionally, we are expanding our Customer Services team in India to offer support across multiple time zones and meet global data delivery SLAs.

Before we wrap up, we’d love to hear more about your motivations. What drives you in your role at Aiviq, and what experiences have shaped your approach to customer service and operations?

AM: My motivation stems from being part of Aiviq from its inception, witnessing our team and platform's evolution to what I now consider the best in the market. The industry's shift toward outsourcing critical data production, the rapid development of new technologies like artificial intelligence and our capability to deliver global solutions fuels my enthusiasm and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve in asset and wealth management services.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Aiviq supports the world’s leading asset managers with financial reporting or the 160+ other enterprise use cases supported by the platform, get in touch with our team today at

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