Client Revenue & Rebates

Our Client Revenue & Rebates solution captures all your contractual agreements, terms and service obligations in one place.

With Aiviq, you can combine all searchable, reportable and auditable agreements with flows and holdings for reliable revenue and rebate calculation.

Client Revenue & Rebates

Key benefits

Consolidate financial terms across all agreements in a single global source

Avoid human error, invalid or ambiguous terms and unlinked accounts with our workflow and approval solution for fee and rebate terms. We integrate with your CRM, delivering a seamless handoff between pre-sales and our solution, codifying client agreements and automating revenue and rebate calculations.

Meaningful sales KPIs focused on net revenue and profitability

Analyse timely net revenue figures by client, salesperson, team, channel, region and more without having to wait for lengthy billing cycles. With Aiviq, you can gauge the immediate bottom-line impact of new flows and measure progress against revenue-based sales targets through KPI alerts and dashboards.

Reduce commercial risk by avoiding rebate over and underpayments

Not sure if calculated rebate values are to be trusted? Our solution provides full transparency by storing rebate agreements, financial terms, applicable AUM and rebate values in a single interface. We integrate with financial billing systems and transfer agents to streamline payment cycles and avoid costly errors.

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