Financial Planning & Analysis

Making financial decisions based on inaccurate data is a recipe for failure.

At Aiviq, we work hand-in-hand with sales and finance functions to establish governed, trusted reporting models that enable budgeting, forecasting and scenario planning that people can believe in.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Key benefits

Integrate accurate AUM, flow and revenue into your scenario modelling

Static reporting is no longer enough. Management teams are demanding forward-looking insights to help with forecasting, scenario modelling and detailed planning. Our solutions are grounded in high-quality financial datasets that allow teams to determine where they want to go with confidence.

Make decisions in confidence with reconciled net revenue figures

For client billing and business unit reporting alike, investment managers need to be able to trust revenue and rebate numbers wholeheartedly. Our solutions enable accurate fee capture, revenue attribution and total transparency over gross and net AUM values.

Recognise sales credit and book revenue where it was generated

Imperfect transparency data and complex client ownership models make attributing client flows and sales credits across territories inherently complicated. We help finance accurately ascribe flows and revenue by business unit, legal entity and territory — driving sales compensation and accurately modelling transfer pricing of revenue across entities.

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