Marketing & Client Experience

Why collect masses of marketing engagement data if you do not have the means to validate it in your marketing strategies?

The Aiviq platform helps you calculate the success of sales campaigns and digital experiments, as well as correlate client engagement across digital channels against flows and revenue from flows.

Marketing & Client Experience

Key benefits

Answer RFP questions in seconds, not hours

Investment managers get asked endless RFP questions — all asking for similar information in a slightly different way. Each response could take hours or days to put together. With our solutions, you have client, product and sales data at your fingertips — helping you precisely answer RFP questions in seconds.

Visualise campaign ROI based on granular client flow insights

To hone strategies and justify spend, you need to be able to quantify the success of marketing campaigns. Our platform increases the transparency of client flows — providing the foundations required to analyse net new money (NNM) in the context of live initiatives.

Utilise intelligent segmentation to drive marketing and service tiering

What type of engagement do investors want from their investment managers, and how do you communicate on their terms? Reliable segmentation and tiering data are key to answering these questions — helping you make sense of your audiences and communicate consistently. Aiviq enables unprejudiced, data-driven segmentation to support marketing and digital servicing decisions.

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