Sep 11, 2023

2022 Wrapped

Marie Weidlich
Marketing Manager
2022 Wrapped

With 2022 now behind us as we start the New Year, we look back to our company-wide milestones and celebrate our team for multiple achievements across the business.

As a cloud-based fintech company, we see the opportunity to generate an impact across our industry by offering solutions to help our customers better understand their data and consequently better serve their clients, it would be virtually impossible to offer this without constantly developing our customer relations, growing and upgrading our tech stack, product and services and talented team.

2022 has seen transformation across all aspects of our business.

Setting ourselves up to scale sustainably meant making changes and embedding processes across the organisation, hiring diverse talent to complement existing teams and support our ambition. Some of the major achievements across the company have included:

  1. Extensive expansion and restructuring of our Customer Services function
  2. Significant investment in our Quality Assurance & Automation team
  3. Expansion of Product team & roadmap execution
  4. Creation of dedicated Sales &Account Management structures
  5. Establishing of Marketing function & Brand relaunch

These organisational changes have allowed us to mature our business quickly. A renewed focus on understanding Aiviq’s core values – Innovation, Respect, Openness and Collaboration – has also been actively promoted within the team to build an authentic and enterprising culture.

City Wharf 5K race, Victoria Park. London, 2022

It was also the year of Aiviq’s Social Committee (SOCO). Innovating and advancing our products whilst providing customers with best-in-class service is our top priority, although none would be possible without a team culture that fosters hard work, creativity and innovation in a sustainable way.


2022 has seen our Professional Services team implement the platform for a number of diverse and engaged new customers, streamlining user testing and training processes and building more automation into the roll out process with each successful deployment.

The Professional Services Team lead Aiviq’s implementations from the front, continuously building the knowledge and skills to deliver complex customer reporting and analytics requirements on time and on budget. In June, the Professional and Customer Services Teams came together to implement far reaching improvements to simplify handovers and improve our post-go-live user experience.

Our Customer Services team has also significantly matured over the year, including new leadership, designated primary and secondary customer services reps for each Aiviq customer, additional processes and a rapid expansion of data quality controls and monitoring alerts for our customers. Just recently this has included the roll out of our brand new Aiviq Customer Services Portal, which helps us better track our performance against SLAs and give customers the confidence and transparency they need.

Product, Engineering & Technology

Product roadmap delivered in 2022!

Becoming the leading firm-wide AUM, Flow & Revenue Reporting solution on the market for Asset Managers was the priority for first half of 2022. To do this, we needed a more advanced revenue calculation engine, combined with deeper, broader reconciliation functionality to handle cross-holdings between all different types of investment vehicles. Prioritising this has meaningfully increased adoption with users in finance functions at our largest Asset Managers and delivered an extra lens on business performance for sales functions – Client Net Revenue.

Project Bedrock – an extensive cloud architecture project aimed at handling even larger customer volumes at speed, reducing cloud hosting costs and improving the user experience with a fully redesigned Aiviq user interface – then become the primary focus for the second half of the year. We recognised that without sufficient scalability and redundancy built into our platform, our ability to support new data integrations or business use cases would have been limited. Below we drill into the Product and Technical Roadmaps delivered over the last 12 months…

In 2022, Aiviq processed c. 25Tbs of data daily across all environments, meaning a whopping petabyte of rich, granular client data aggregated into actionable insights!

Technology roadmap delivered in 2022!

  • Launched a multi-tenanted, single instance Orchestration architecture to govern processing tasks across the platform.
  • Launched a system-unifying API-based React app to improve our user experience.
  • Migrated to .Net 6.0 across many of our core services to benefit from latest features.
  • Transitioned Aiviq’s .Net connector technology to a stand-alone multi-tenanted runtime, allowing Aiviq Connectors to integrate ANY system.
  • Implemented incremental data processing rather than full dataset calculations via batch jobs to reduce costs and processing times.
  • Removed archaic data transfers between systems via csv, replacing with Orchestrator-managed ADF Pipelines and syncing services.
  • Transitioned to highly scalable cloud-native architecture by leveraging containerization within the Cloud.
  • Removed archaic data transfers between systems via csv, replacing with Orchestrator-managed ADF Pipelines and syncing services.


Following the rebrand from Alpha Data Solutions to Aiviq we established our Marketing Function focusing on communicating our brand mission and core values to our customers as well as investing in a strategic brand positioning and storytelling through content.

Forging our own brand, Aiviq, to represent the intersection between machine intelligence ‘AI’ and human intuition ‘IQ’ has allowed us the space to innovate and communicate the unique value we offer | Luke Tones Head of Product

We’re also set to reach new audiences by exploring new channels and mediums and establishing our Aiviq Insights Newsletter as our company voice across social media.

Industry Events & Roundtables

Aiviq prides itself upon bringing together experts and leaders from across the industry to kick-start conversations, analyse pain points and consider what the future of asset management may hold. 2022 was no different.

The year marked a big leap for Aiviq’s thought leadership team, we joined the first In-person event since the pandemic the Asset Management Summit (TSAM) in London, no doubt one of many more to come. As well as hosted a webinar on Client AUM & Flow together with PIMCO and First Sentier Investors and two seasonal roundtables in partnership with Snowflake and Broadridge.

2023 is here and we are thrilled to write a new chapter of Aiviq’s journey together with our customers and technology and data partners. Want to keep up to date with our latest news and insights? Subscribe to Aiviq Insights here.

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