Sep 11, 2023

TSAM 2022: Takeaways

Luke Tones
TSAM 2022: Takeaways

It was great to be at The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) this year, which was hosted in London on 16 June. The annual event brought together leading asset management firms to discuss the latest challenges facing the industry, as well as the evolving technological and regulatory landscape.

Aiviq team leaders Alex Murphy, Head of Operations, and Kevin Phelan, Senior Product Manager, introduced Aiviq solutions during the event which also saw Greg Glass, Executive Director & Head of Revenue at Aiviq, host a panel on mastering client AUM, flow, and revenue for the purpose of creating excellent analytics across the enterprise.

Event takeaways

Unsurprisingly, AUM and flow integration came up in every conversation we had; integration with internal data warehousing, third-party apps for client reporting, and getting sales insights into CRM were the core focus. With the recent establishment of our Aiviq Integration Hub — including out-of-the-box Snowflake, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics integrations — we are making significant strides in solving this problem through tried-and-tested integration patterns.

Equally, people wanted to know how to make sense of client look-through in an ever-growing marketplace of data and analytics offerings from transfer agents, banks, distributors, and platforms. With the rapid commercialisation of market data across the distribution value chain and notable recent acquisitions and solutions coming to market, the general consensus was that the only constant changes. At Aiviq, we are working hard for our managers to create flexible, integrated answers and market data connectors that evolve with the market we serve.

Analytics business adoption within sales teams was also a hot topic. Technology implementation is just the first step on a longer journey, so many were eager to know how they could get sales and client services to embrace change and adopt analytics in their day-to-day. There is never a silver bullet to this; at Aiviq, our professional and customer services teams monitor analytics usage, train business teams and set realistic goals with sales management departments that ultimately sponsor our roll-outs.

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